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The French approach to salad greens ("mesclun" means "mixture"). Sweet lettuces and tangy, tender greens. This classic mesclun is a feast for the eyes, snaring the senses with the perfect blend of aroma, taste, and texture.  A true gourmet treat including with over 40 vareities of vibrant baby and microgreens:


Arugula, chervil, endive, mache, 20 Varieties of lettuces (Oak Leaf, Prize leaf, Red Salad Bowl, and Green Ice, etc...),  radicchio,  upland cress, Italian Large Leaf Basil, Genovese Basil, Lemon Basil, Opal Basil, Dill Dukat, Dill Mammoth, Pak Choi, Daikon, Marjoram, Radish China Rose, Parsley Dark Green Italian, Mustard Komatsuna, Mustard Southern Giant, Mustard Florida Broad Leaf, Mustard Tatsoi, Mustard Wasabi, Celery Nan Ling, Celery Utah, Broccoli Raab Spring Rapini, Broccoli Di Cicco, Turnip Purple Top White Globe, Turnip Amber Globe, Turnip Seven Top, Curled Cress, Pepper Cress, Beet Detroit Dark Red, Beet Early Wonder, Cabbage Red, Tokyo Bekana, Kohlrabi Purple Vienna, Collard Georgia, Collard Vates, Clover, Blue Curled Scotch / Vates Kale, and Russian Kale.

Mesclun Salad Mix

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