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Ceterainly adding fresh microgreens to your diet is one of the best ways to boost daily nutrition, and improve overall health, cognition, energy, and mood. But with over 70 types to choose from, selecting them can seem incredibly daunting. 


The North texas Microgreens sampler  offeris a great way to try all of our products by reandomly selecting the microgreens type for you.


You can offer preferences based on particular taste, nutrition, and health bennefits your'e looking for, and we will choose the prefect sample for you.


Samples can be ordered once, or preferrably routinely through our weekly, or bi-weekly delivery program.  You may also select up to 4 samples as part of this program. You may cancel at anytime.

Microgreens Sampler

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Latin Name: Triticum aestivum
    Other Name(s): Sampler
    Microgreen Color: Assorted Colors
    Microgreen Flavor:

    Assorted Flavors

    Microgreen Texture: Assorted Textures
    Nutrients: Assoted Nutrients
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