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Nasturtiums have a unique flavor profile that's often described as peppery, tangy, and slightly spicy, reminiscent of watercress or arugula. The leaves, flowers, and seeds are all edible and contribute different nuances to dishes. The leaves are typically more peppery, while the flowers add a milder peppery note and a pop of color to salads or garnishes.


Overall, nasturtiums can bring a fresh and zesty kick to salads, sandwiches, and various culinary creations.

Nasturtium Flowers

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  • Latin Name: Nasus Tortus
    Other Name(s):  
    Microgreen Color: a variety of vibrant colors, including shades of red, orange, yellow, and cream. Some varieties even exhibit combinations of these colors, with variegated petals or contrasting spots.
    Microgreen Flavor:

    peppery, tangy, and slightly spicy,

    Microgreen Texture:

    Leaves: Nasturtium leaves are usually smooth and somewhat delicate, with a soft, velvety texture. They are not as thick or crunchy as some other salad greens but still provide a nice contrast in texture.


    Flowers: Nasturtium flowers are delicate and somewhat fragile, with soft petals that can have a slightly waxy feel. They are not particularly crunchy but offer a pleasing softness and visual appeal when added to dishes.




    Vitamin K

    Vitamin A

    Vitamin C

    Vitramin E







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