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Ceterainly adding fresh microgreens to your diet is one of the best ways to boost daily nutrition, and improve overall health, cognition, energy, and mood. But with over 70 types to choose from, selecting them can seem incredibly daunting. 


North texas Microgreens has done the research and crafted the ultimate Power Salad! By combining microgreen types each containing the highest specific nutrient values we have taken all of the leg work out of trying to select which types of microgreens you should be eating each day, and how much. Our power Salad mix exceeds the Suggested Daily Value % for adults with one cup! 

Not to mention the incredible health bennetfits the amazing microgreens provide on a dialy basis. 

You will being to feel the difference in your workouts within a week. A noticable increase in endurance, energy, and strength is expected.


The Taste, Smell, and Texture of Broccoli, Chia, Kale, and Sunflower is delicous on its own, but can easily be mixed into a garden salad, or combined with a protein like chicken, steak, egg, fish, etc...

You can offer preferences based on particular taste, nutrition, and health bennefits your'e looking for, and we will choose the prefect sample for you.


Samples can be ordered once, or preferrably routinely through our weekly, or bi-weekly delivery program.  You may also select up to 4 samples as part of this program. You may cancel at anytime.

Power Salad Mix

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